Wild Bird and Squirrels

Top-Notch Wild Bird and Squirrel Supplies

Attract More Birds With the Right Supplies

All bird enthusiasts and bird lovers are welcome at A.B. Hatchery & Garden Center in Bloomington, IL. From amateurs to avid feather friends, we have everything for all the bird lovers. Choose from a wide variety of birdseeds, feeders, books and accessories.
Take advantage of our supplies and help keeping the natural environment healthy and happy for wild birds. Your next binocular excursion will be exciting and amazing with a wide and endless variety of birds to watch.
bird  supplies

Wild Bird and Squirrel Supplies

  • Bird feeders
  • Humming bird feeders
  • Bird houses
  • Squirrel baffles
  • Different hooks and stands for your feeders and houses
  • Ear corn for squirrels
  • Squirrel feeders

Brands Available

  • America’s Favorite
  • Chuckanut
  • Garvers
  • Heath Suet Cakes
  • Lyric
  • Pine Tree Farms
  • Wild Delight
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